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Mariasun Landa Etxebeste (Errenteria, 1949)

Mariasun Landa was born in Rentería (Guipúzcoa province) in 1949. She obtained a Philosophy degree in Paris in 1973 and worked as a Primary School teacher for several years, and also in the Basque Language for Teachers Service (IRALE/Basque Government). At present, she is a lecturer in Literature Teaching at the Teachers’ University of San Sebastián (University of the Basque Country).


She has collaborated with a large number of Basque Country newspapers and magazines, but her creative work has focused primarily on youth literature in the Basque language. She has written around thirty children’s books and much of her work has been translated into Spanish, Catalan, Galician and other foreign languages including English, French, German, Greek, Arabic, Korean and Albanian.


Her literary awards include the most traditional of all the Basque literature prizes, the “Lizardi Prize for Basque Children’s Literature”, which she won with the short story Txan Fantasma in 1982, and the Euskadi Prize for Children’s and Young People’s Literature in 1991 with the work Alex.


 In 2002 Tolosa City Council awarded her the "Premio Antonio Mª Labaien" prize for Krokodiloa ohe azpian.


In 2003, her work “Un cocodrilo bajo la cama, originally written in Basque (Krokodiloa ohe azpian. Pub. Alberdania) won her the Spanish Ministry of Culture National Award for Children’s and Young People’s Literature.


She is Member Elect of Jakiunde, Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters in the Basque Country.


 In 2004 the Basque Publishers Association awarded her the "Premio Bustintza" Prize for best distinguished book in the XII Feria de Libro Vasco de Durango (Durango Basque Book Fair).


Her book Iholdi was on the IBBY’s list of honour in 1992, as was “Un cocodrilo bajo la cama” in 2006.


 Elefante corazón de pájaro was chosen for the 2001 White Raven list drawn up by the prestigious International Youth Library of Munich.


In 2004, she received the Commendable Citizen's Medal awarded by the City Council of San Sebastián and the City of Errenteria's Medal.


 She has recently published the autobiographical novel <em>La fiesta en la "La fiesta en la habitación de al lado", 2007.


The OEPLI (Spanish Organisation for Youth Literature) has presented her as a candidate for the 2008 Andersen International Prize, awarded by the IBBY.


The 'MARIASUN LANDA' Awards: Since 2010 Mariasun has become a support for the historical biography of the municipality of Errenteria. The city council of Errenteria convenes the contest that takes her name: Mariasun Landa. With this initiative included in the Plan for Equality of the city of Errentería, Mariasun Landa heads with her name the ceremony of the awards, the purpose is to promote, recognize and reward those writings that collect the contribution made by women to the municipality in the various fields social. It is also intended to give visibility to the jobs that most women do anonymously, helping in this way to complete the municipal chronicle.


The Basque language associations of Publishers, Writers and Translators, Correctors and Interpreters and the Professional Association of Illustrators of Euskadi, as well as the Association of Basque Children and Youth Literature, have awarded her the 2011 Dabilen Elea Prize in recognition of her fruitfulness trajectory in Basque letters.


In 2014 she received the Eusko Ilaskuntza-Laboral Kutxa Prize for Humanities, Culture, Arts and Social Sciences for her contribution to Basque culture in the broadest sense, having effectively contributed to the cultural development of Euskadi.


 The Basque Institute Etxepare in 2015 within the fifth edition of the UPV / EHU course "Excellence in Basque Studies" paid tribute to her being the writer in Basque whose work has been translated into more languages.


On October 11, 2016, the Galician PEN Center, dedicated to homage from the Galician language and literature to the neighboring languages and literary systems: Hispanic, Basque, Catalan and Portuguese, awarded with the Rosalía de Castro Prize to Mariasun Landa for her professional trajectory in Basque